About Us

Belle City Markets is a restyle and resale estore project that’s been in the works for a few years.  We’re in the process of populating our webstore and our Facebook page.  We are busy, but we invite you to visit us often to check out what’s happening and what’s new.  Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!

Leigh is a history buff and a tomboy.  She is also a bit of a nerd and the occasional spaz.  Every time she changed jobs, she changed industries.  She worked traditional retail.  Leigh even acted on stage.  She dyed shoes for bridesmaids and altered tuxes for groomsmen.  She has even done work as data clerk and a computer programmer.


Across all those job changes, one thing didn’t change: her fascination with vintage items and the history behind them.  The older the piece, the faster it will catch her eye.


Leigh’s first forays into the world of vintage were with her Grandma Rose as she checked out the local rummage sales in their hometown.  Picture frames were the primary target.  With her Grandpa’s help and woodworking knowledge, these refinished frames would then grace Grandma Rose’s commissioned quilling projects.


Something in her got hooked on the idea.  Ever since those early days of prowling the local garage sales for picture frames, she has felt a draw to ‘go rummaging.’  To look through the boxes and shelves at rummage and garage sales, the back corners of the garages and the closets in the back halls at estate sales, to find the pieces that get overlooked yet have it in them to be restyled and loved again.


Over the years, Leigh has gathered a huge collection of items: picture frames (of course), dishes, lots of books.  Some have been restyled for use as decor around her house.  Other items have turned into wedding, graduation and Christmas gifts.  Still others have been restyled for use as stage props.  Some just need a good wash and polish.  Others need some massive TLC, repairs and a coat of paint.


Join us (and the stuff) on the journey of being rescued, restyled and reloved. . .one piece at a time!