Happy New Year! What’s Your Theme For 2018?

Think Freely

2017 is done and in the books.  2018 has just begun, and we have plans!

With the dawning of each new year, each of us tries to come up with a resolution for some type of self-improvement.  You know what I’m talking about: start an exercise program, eat only healthy foods, become a (insert dream job).

These are great goals!

If we ever get to them.

The hitch in that giddy-up is that these plans are short-lived, and might last as long as January 22nd.  February 1st, if we’re really diligent.

Please, do not beat yourself up about not sticking to any New Year’s resolution offered up simply to have one.  These are mid to long term goals that take time to implement and realize.

A few years ago, I made a New Year’s resolution that I’ve actually kept.  I gave up New Year’s resolutions.

Wait!  What?

I no longer make New Year’s resolutions.  I know I won’t keep any of them.  Why should I turn myself into a stressed-out, twitchy bitch for running out of time to squeeze in that one body-weight cardio video that was popular on YouTube?

Why should you?

My preference is to set a guiding theme for the year, and do my best to incorporate it into as many aspects of my life as I can.  For 2017, the theme I set was ‘Explore.’  I explored who I was as a person, and explored how to help myself grow toward being expressive.  I explored how to give myself permission to pursue my interests and to not be embarrassed about being called ‘weird’ for those interests.  I explored building better relations with my family by understanding who each of them is as an individual.

For 2018, I’m setting my theme as ‘Think Freely.’  The intent is to give myself permission to allow ideas to develop as they will, with as few restraints as possible.  They may turn out totally wacky, but they are entertaining developments on the journey to the final design.  The table that’s waiting for some love just might turn into the top of a dry bar, or it may become an outdoor plant stand.  Maybe even the start of an over-sized checker board.

The purpose is to greet the new year with a goal to work on that doesn’t involve heaps of stress, guilt and self-shaming for not working on that goal every hour of every day.  There’s enough of that in each of our lives, already.

Some personal development possibilities: savor the quiet moments with the kids, indulge your intellectual curiosity, give yourself permission to say “No.”  Activity oriented options: start a doodle journal, gather the family for game night once a month, find out if tomatoes can be grown in the concrete jungle.  The list of options are endless.


‘Think Freely’ is my theme for 2018.  What’s yours? Share it in the comments, and have a fantastic 2018!