The Beginning Of A Project (Stop Talking And Do The Damn Thing!)

Deciding to do a thing and calling it a project is not a small choice to make. A project, by its definition, is planned and designed to achieve a particular outcome. Planning and designing the thing, the project, the dream is a wonderful, exhilarating experience.

Plan it!

Design it!

Do it!

Um, yeah…

That third part is where many aspirations run for the hills and are never heard of again.


Because turning all those plans and designs into the thing, the project, the dream into something you can show the world means you have to…well, do…something.

We’ve brainstormed some good ideas.

We’ve planned and designed a few of them.

We didn’t do any of it.



We have some new plans.

We have some new designs.

It is time to do the thing, the project…

…and turn the dream into a new reality.