Mapping Out Our Space

It’s Christmas week, and plenty has happened in the last month.  ‘Tis the season for parties to get to, gifts to purchase and wrap.  At Belle City Markets, it’s a work space to set up, and items to photograph and offer.

Tiny issue with that last statement, though.  The space where we planned to set up the workshop had to be abandoned before we even got to move in.  While we wracked our brains for the next best option, it practically bit us on the ass.

There’s a space just outside our media center door filled with items that really don’t belong there, but have no better place to go.  Basically, it’s misused space.  The whole outer studio area is.  Things placed here and there, with no rhyme or reason given for where each of them ended up.




I flipped to a new page in my bullet journal, and started mapping out the blank space–support posts, elevator, doors and all.  What we ended up with was a map of what could go where for now, and an area where our restyle projects can be worked on.



Our building is 100 years old, and definitely shows its age.  It’s not the lap of luxury, but it beats trying to work in an unheated garage!  The stuff moved out, some work tables and storage units moved in, and we’re working through the best workflow setup.

Our next restyle project is sitting to one side, patiently waiting its turn for some luvin’ and an updated look.  Progress posts are in the works!