Please Pardon Our Digital Dust

We’re just getting started.
The site just went up yesterday, and we’re still tweaking the layout and pages.
Building the Belle City Markets site is the most visible part of our newest project, and it certainly isn’t only one we have going.
We have a few going on right now, and we ask that you pardon our digital dust as we work on all of them all at once.
It’s a big job, and we have to pick and choose which project gets the attention on any given day.
Today had been all about digital work. Whether it’s been revamping one of our existing websites, or playing with the settings here on Belle City Markets, we’ve been staring at computer monitors all day.
My brain is tired. My back and my chair are about to start having words. Even my contact lenses are ready to beg for mercy and a nice long soak in solution!
We’re working on understanding this WordPress thing, that do-hickey called ecommerce,’ and that other universe called social media.’
Thanks Bunches!