Tell Me The Story

The project that got named ‘Belle City Markets’ was originally supposed to be a straight up consumer goods e-commerce store.  Since its debut in the back of our brains, the concept didn’t sit quite right.

We let it percolate for a while. . .

. . .and let it steep some more.

It finally occurred to us that there are way too many sellers out there pitching their wares in your face.  They all guarantee your satisfaction, or your money back.  Of course, you’ll get your money back, or they risk getting burned with bad reviews and a bad rep (not to mention suspended accounts).

The path we’ve decided to travel with Belle City Markets isn’t one that shoves more ‘stuff’ at you.  It’s one that tells the story behind the stuff that makes it into our webstore, and tells the story of turning this project into a bonafide biz and the people that (are doing their damnedest to) run it.

Yes, we’ll put up posts that are about items that are for sale, and we’ll link to them, too.  Yes, some of them have been listed by us.  But, for the love of gawd, DON’T buy it if it’s not your style!  That’s just a re-donk-ulous waste of your time and money.

Besides, good stories are free.