Vintage-Themed Self-Care

I’ve got a biz partner who is so computer-oriented, that, if it doesn’t involve computers, computer accessories, programs or apps, he has a hard time understanding the appeal of vintage and restyling.

It’s not easy to explain this type of long-term interest, but I’m gonna try.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going digital, but there’s something to be said about doing it old school, too.  We keep the official calendar of events for our biz on the cloud.  I keep a bullet journal on hand for tracking as much of the day-to-day as I can.  Photoshop and Illustrator are wonderful tools for creating images.  Sketching a design with charcoal and paper is just as rewarding.

Part of the pull is the lack of modern technology.  Part of it is learning to trust in and rely on myself and my available resources to see the raw gems waiting to shine again.  It is also a personal exercise in giving myself permission to have “weird” ideas.

It’s a bit liberating to realize that re-imagining an orphaned desk drawer into a hanging garden is nowhere on anyone’s radar.  It’s a tiny little ego boost when that 1930’s wristwatch you’re wearing hid at the bottom of a box of stuff you paid five dollars for.

I revel in the hunt for items hiding in ignored boxes.  I delight in presenting a restored or restyled piece.  I feel neglectful of pieces that I haven’t found an idea for.

It’s not that I want to disconnect from the digital age completely.  That just isn’t possible in the 21st century.  I just don’t feel the need to be connected all the time.

Finding vintage items for the web store and working on a restyle are my methods of getting some much needed downtime from digital overload.  Whether it’s dusting or stripping paint, the activities are cathartic, meditative and balancing to me.

Cruising the internet for inspiration gets the creative juices flowing again and gets me reaching for my bullet journal and pen.  The ideas start flowing, and I allow myself to write or sketch whatever comes to mind.

This is why I rescue and, occasionally, restyle vintage items.

It’s my method of self-care.